Life Saver Fridge Magnet and Emergency Window Sticker

Emergency Window Sticker - Many times due to unforeseen circumstances pet owners find that they cannot return to their homes for days or weeks after what they were told would be a "short evacuation.” If you are not at home and a fire or other disaster occurs, your pets may need to be rescued.

Therefore, it is recommended to place Emergency Stickers on the front and back doors or windows of your home to notify Emergency personnel that animals are on your property in the event of an evacuation or other Emergency situations.

3" X 4" sticker on white vinyl with a gloss finish and crack 'n' peel backing. Fade resistant light fast inks. Waterproof to stand up to the elements.


The Lifesaver Fridge Magnet was designed, with the help of the other pets in Naples and then I supervised the production in North Carolina from afar. I was waiting for my invitation to the factory but it must have been “lost in the mail.” The Life Saver Fridge Magnet is a “must have” , particularly if you wear the Pet Protect ®Pet Health Alert tag. It is a perfect size for your fridge (4” x 7”) and comes in 4 bright and cheery colors.

I really like that on the second line there is space for your Pet Protect PetHealthAlert tag number so in an emergency not only is the basic information shown but also by searching the tag number on tons of information about the pet and the owner will be available- saving precious minutes in case of an emergency or that “what if” situation.

This combo pack includes one LifeSaver Fridge Magnet and one Emergency Window Sticker.