I Don't Horse Around Night Shirt

I Don't Horse Around Night Shirt
I would love one or two horses to play with and even have a chat with for as the quote goes “A dog may be man’s best friend but the horse wrote history.” Now you may be fortunate to have horses in your paddock but for those who can only dream I have found a great Night Shirts whether you own horses or not.

The “I Don’t Horse Around” Night Shirt in blue is made to fit most women with one size.

The length is 40” and 23” wide and is made of 100% combed cotton knit. The print is permanently dyed into the fabric so it is not sticky compared to some Night Shirts and T-Shirts. Hey, if I get a soft and cuddly blanket to curl up on you should get the same feeling when wearing this marvelous night shirt.
Price: $19.95

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