Micro-Suede Towel

Micro-Suede Towel
The goal of most Labradors is to remain wet most of their lives and I am no exception. To me happiness is seeking out the largest puddle on my walk to pad through or to frolic in a pool, lake or the Gulf of Mexico (unfortunately owners can receive fines in Naples for letting their dogs take a leisurely dip in the Gulf). Just wait until dogs run the City Council!

However, I hate to have a wet face when returning for a well deserved nap and regular towels do not even come close to drying both my face and thick coat. I bet there are others that have been seeking a great rub down towel. Look no more!

I found my perfect towel that was designed for humans (why do they get all the great products?) It is an advanced Micro-fiber Towel that is ultra light and compact and packs down to the size of a paperback book. It absorbs 5 times its weight in water, comes in a very soft Micro-Suede, very soft on a dog’s coat, and includes a wet/dry storage pouch with accessories pocket. I giggled when I read the manufacturer’s description about it- “multitasks as a towel, blanket or sarong.” The day a self respecting Labrador would wear a sarong……well, they did design it for our owners but I bet that my Rottie girlfriend would look adorable with the Micro-Suede blanket around her body!

The Micro-Suede towel comes in Sky Blue and measures 30”x50”

And for those that do the laundry please remember to machine or hand wash in cold water with like colors, do not bleach or do not use fabric softener. It is best to hang to dry but if your paws must use a dryer, please use very low heat.

Price: $24.95

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