Pack-It-Out Waste Containment

Pack-It-Out Waste Containment
The Pack-It-Out™ Waste Containment is a definite necessity for you, your owner and everyone that comes into your path. Let’s face it – we all have to go during the day and night and the urge can come quite quickly.

Dogs do not have the luxury of going to the Loo as we say in our house (too many theories of the origin of the word Loo, particularly as I do not reside in England, so in dog terms I respond to “Poop”, “Business” or “Outside”).

The moral of the story is that your owner must be prepared for the unexpected on a walk, hike, playing in the park and anywhere the call of nature beckons (for the dog not the owner!)

What is so great about the Pack-It-Out™ is that I am no longer embarrassed by my owner swinging a plastic bag for everyone to see as I think of myself as a sophisticated Lab.

The Poly-Lined Pack Cloth prevents leaks and conceals odors as well as the extra protection of a Drawstring Closure that keeps odors private. There is a Storage Pocket for Disposable Bags plus a Carabiner Clip Attachment.

It is approximately 7” height and the diameter is approximately 3-1/2”
Price: $7.95

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