Soft Shell Portable ChowPal

Soft Shell Portable ChowPal
Entirely self contained and made of soft durable pack-cloth construction the Soft Shell ChowPal™ makes traveling with your dog so simple - but wait a moment, I have been told that except for a toss toy it would be suitable for cats on the move as well.

Just look at what is included in the durable Pack-Cloth Carrier:- a 450ml Water Bottle, 2 Stainless Steel Bowls (2 cup capacity each), Nylon Food Storage Bag, Spill Mat and that infamous Toss Toy (I told the cat if she could use it she might make the Guinness Book of Records).

I am therefore going on record in order to keep my feline friends happy that the ChowPal is great for both canines and felines and if your cat uses the toss toy and becomes a Retriever please let me know.

Price: $19.95

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