Spotless Paw

Spotless Paw
The Spotless Paw®, the marvelous Dog Paw Cleaning Glove gets the Good Labrador Seal of Approval.

I admit it – when I see a puddle, a muddy area on my walk or a sandy beach I am right there so my paws are always “somewhat” dirty.

Now I know how to shake paws with a friend but have not been happy to see the odd towel come out for my delicate Labrador paws. Yippee – my owner discovered the Spotless Paw® and keeps one hanging on the doorknob on the door to the garage and also in the car.

It is possible to hang it from a belt loop on walks but she soon discovered that no sooner than she cleaned my paws that I found another puddle to run through on my way to meet my friends. “My paws are meant for walking” is my motto.

I have been told that the Spotless Paw® holds over 600% of its weight in dirt, mud and water due to the tremendous surface area of the micro-fiber fabric and more great news – there is no water needed to clean my paws.

Even though it is machine washable and dryable and can be used multiple times between washings as well as drying very quickly I am very concerned that it is soft on my coat as I deserve that extra bit of pampering.

I counted six fingers so that the Spotless Paw® can be worn on either side on either hand and it enables my owner to clean between my toes and under my nails.

The Spotless Paw® is 15” in length and you made need more than one

Price: $19.95

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