The Pet.doc

The Pet.doc
The Pet.doc is indispensable as I live in a home where scraps of paper, yellow pads and post-it notes rule but since I bought my owner a Pet.doc I feel that her life, and more importantly mine, is under control.

I know there is a lot to keep track of from license numbers and immunization records to medical records and training notes (yes, I did require a bit of training in my youth) and any other notes about Veterinarians, pet sitters and even a space for a photo.

A high quality, agenda sized bound notebook with room for information about 2 pets, approximately 9 x 7, the Pet.doc is marvelous for trips, as an information guide for pet sitters, or in the event of a hurricane, fire or flood when you have to evacuate quickly all information is in one place.

Price: $9.95

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