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Horse D'Oeuvres Apron

Horse D'Oeuvres Apron
Make a statement in the kitchen with the Horse D’oeuvres Apron that will give your guests a giggle. In our house we attempt to take everyone’s eyes off the food being served in case we can steal the odd sliver of smoked salmon or a chicken vol-au-vent (I failed the “do not take food off an unsuspecting guest’s plate” part of dog training) and this happy horse with his fashionable beret and tiny moustache will get admiring glances drawing attention from dogs checking out the kitchen counters.

The Horse D’oeuvres Apron is Unisex so one size fits most, 34” tall by 29” wide and it comes with an adjustable neck in 100% cotton in a very pretty shade of blue.

Price: $16.95

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