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Must Have First Aid Kit for Dogs and Cats

Must Have First Aid Kit for Dogs and Cats
It is not often that I seek out advice from my house buddy, Pimms, the Chocolate Labrador, but in this choice of products he is “spot on”. Even though it is the small emergencies that our owners encounter Hurricane Katrina was a real eye opener for the thousands of pet owners that had to transport their pets away from home and did not think to have even the smallest First Aid Kit available. So please heed the words of Pimms as he describes his Must Have First Aid Kit for Dogs and Cats on The Alert Store (you know Labradors – he had to feel special so he is charge of the Alert Store as he knows first hand about hurricanes).

“I liked this First Aid Kit so much that I had the name in white letters put on the bright red case. Filled with basic supplies in case your pet requires temporary assistance either while traveling, walking in the neighborhood, at the park, at the beach or simply playing at home it is a Must Have for your home, car, back pack or attached to your owner’s belt loop. (If I were given plenty of treats I would carry it in my mouth on my walks but I could not negotiate that deal!)”

It measures 4-3/4” x 3” x 2” and is filled with: -

5 Gauze Pads 2"x2"
1 Tape 1/2"x2.5yds.
1 Roll Gauze 2"x4yds.
8 Alcohol Wipes
1 Wire Scissors
1 Cold Pack
1 Tweezers
1 Rescue Space Blanket 52"x84"
2 Large Vinyl Gloves

Price: $8.95

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