The Home Keeper

The Home Keeper
The Home Keeper may be designed for humans but it is really for pets. Just think about the time your owner wastes looking for contact information, service contracts, records of repairs and home improvements and the list goes on and on and have you ever been in the room while your owner searches frantically for that newspaper article that they must have before purchasing an item – the time they spend pulling open drawers and looking in long forgotten files could be so much better spent taking you for a walk, throwing a Frisbee, rubbing your tummy and feeding you treats. And remember they may have “misplaced” that wonderful article about the latest pet bed or greatest toy ever.

“Just the ticket” is what I say about this Home Keeper - Ideal for both the first time renter or buyer and the seasoned home owner, it comes in a three-ring binder with 160 ( 8-1/2” x 11") fill-in pages and 16 clear plastic sleeves for storage. Everything is organized by 8 divider tabs (each with a storage pocket) for simple, easy access, and with room to add your own materials. A beautiful addition to any home, this is the only home organizer designed in such an accessible and useful format.

And remind your owner to put in information about your favorite Pet Supply Store and your local Play Day Place as well as all your favorite chums’ telephone numbers as playing is what life is about to this Mutt.

Price: $24.50

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