The Pet.doc

The Pet.doc
The Pet.doc is a must have for all organized pets. Every once in a while I hear my owner muttering “file, do not pile” as she rummages through mounds of paper on three desks in our house. Does it matter to me? Yes, indeedy, when it concerns all my veterinary records, medical information, notes on training and other useful bits and pieces.

I just used my pet pocket money to purchase a Pet.doc for her and it is all paws to the deck to organize my valuable information for her. Never mind the thought of having to leave the house quickly because of a hurricane but I may be invited hiking, camping or even skiing (a Mutt can dream!) and I want to be prepared.

The Pet.doc is a high quality, agenda sized bound notebook with room for 2 pets’ information, approximately 9” x 7” and a space for a photo of each pet. A great present as well as it is not only attractive but so useful for the Pet Friendly people in your life.

Price: $9.95

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