Just like human medical alert identification, but for your pet!
Pet Protect's FREE Pet ID Tags are a part of's Instant Medical Alert System and National Pet Health Registry.  Please visit for more information about this life-saving alert system for pets. When ordering your Tag please remember to add The Life Saver Fridge Magnet and Emergency Window Sticker (shown on The Alert Store) to your Shopping Cart as there is a space for the Tag number on the Magnet, giving extra protection to your pet.
Our tags are designed to meet the needs of ALL pets including healthy pets, pets with special needs or medical conditions and to honor 'Survivor' pets.
Your ID Tag is FREE!  Your $0.01 discount will apply to your order sub-total. A one-time $5.00 shipping/handling/processing fee per tag will be included in the 'shipping' price upon checkout. A 6% sales tax applies to shipping fees in Florida.
To Order a Tag:
  • select your Tag style and click 'see details'
  • choose a Tag Password and 'add to cart'
  • Your unique 4 digit Tag ID number will be assigned to you and printed on your tag when we process your order
  • Upon receipt of your Tag, use your 4 digit Tag ID number and your selected password to login at and enter your pet's information in the National Pet Health Registry.
  • Your pet's information can be updated at any time as often as you wish and of course for free.


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FREE Pet ID Tag - Allergies
Any allergy can be life threatening. Food allergies are very common or allergies to medications. If a pet is lost and has a major allergy, it is vital to provide this life saving information alert!
Price: $0.01

FREE Pet ID Tag - Blind
Blind pets or pets with cataracts are especially vulnerable if lost or displaced. A pet in unfamiliar surroundings can be in immediate danger. Order this tag if your pet is blind or visually impaired.
Price: $0.01

FREE Pet ID Tag - Deaf
Hearing impaired pets can be vulnerable if lost or displaced, and can be challenging for anyone finding your pet. Order this tag if your pet is hearing impaired or has been diagnosed as deaf.
Price: $0.01

FREE Pet ID Tag - Diabetes
Many diabetic pets require daily insulin and regular Veterinary care. This Tag can protect your diabetic pet if he or she is lost or displaced, and you can update your registration information as often as needed as your pet's medication requirements change.
Price: $0.01

FREE Pet ID Tag - Healthy Pet
Healthy pets need protection, too! Order a Healthy Pet Tag and register Emergency Contact information, vaccination history, and surgical or other medical history about your pet. You can update your pet's information as often as needed!
Price: $0.01

FREE Pet ID Tag - I am a Survivor
Pets are lost and displaced everyday. Many are lucky enough to have a second chance for life in your home. This special tag, dedicated to honor the pets that have survived a natural disaster, is a badge of honor. Be proud to have a "Survivor" pet and register your Emergency contact information to keep them safe in the event of an emergency.
Price: $0.01

FREE Pet ID Tag - Needs Meds
The Needs Meds tag can be used for pets requiring any type of daily or routine medications.'s National Pet Health Registry can be customized to provide detailed information, and updated as often as needed.
Price: $0.01

FREE Pet ID Tag - Seizures
Many pets with seizures or epilepsy require regular medication and careful monitoring. If your pet has a history of seizures, please order this Tag. This life-saving alert may save your pet's life.
Price: $0.01

FREE Pet ID Tag - Special Needs
If your pet has multiple conditions or is on multiple medications, we recommend the "Special Needs" Tag or "Needs Meds" Tag. You can then customize's National Pet Health Registry for the special needs of your dog.
Price: $0.01

FREE Pet ID Tag - Thyroid
Many pets with a thyroid condition require daily medication. Pets with a thyroid condition know that medication is essential for the well-being of the pet.
Price: $0.01


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